China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a lifeline for Pakistan

14 Dec

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), no doubt very crucial for Pakistan’s economic stability and prosperity. The CPEC project must be kept away from politics and all political groups should adopt a matured approach and desist from making it controversial for the benefit of the people of this region.

Its true that the CPEC is a mega development initiative – a game changer for the country and the region. The project showed the eternal friendship and strategic partnership between Pakistan and China and would serve as a lifeline for the national economy. It was unfortunate that some political elements as well as certain organizations and even countries due to vested interests are trying to make it controversial. The CPEC is a national project and does not belong to any political party, individual or province.

Here is a detail break-up of CPEC project: the number of projects included: Balochistan 16, KPK 8, Sindh 13 and Punjab 12.


These include: Khuzdar-Basima Highway (N-30), D.I.Khan-Quetta Highway (N-50), Hubco Coal Power Plant, Gwadar Power Plant, Gwadar-Nawabshah LNG Terminal and Pipeline, Gwadar Eastbay Expressway, Gwadar New International Airport, Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan, Expansion of Multi-purpose Terminal including Breakwater & Dredging Wastewater, Treatment Plants for Gwadar City, Gwadar Primary School, Gwadar Hospital Upgradation, Gwadar Technical & Vocational College,Gwadar Eastbay Expressway II, Fresh Water Supply and Gwadar Free Zone.

Khyber Pakhtunkwa:

This includes Joint Feasibility Study for Upgradation of ML1, Establishment of Havelian Dry Port, KKH II (Havelian-Thakot) Upgradation of ML-1, KKH III (Raikot-Thakot), D.I.Khan-Quetta Highway (N-50), Suki Kinari Hydropower Project and Optical Fiber Cable from Rawalpindi to Khunjrab.


There are 13 projects for Sindh and this includes, Matiari- Lahore Transmission Line, Matiari-Faisalabad Transmission Line, Port Qasim Power Plant Engro Thar Power Plant & Surface Mine in Block II of Thar Coal Field Dawood Wind Farm, Jhimpir Wind Farm, Sachal Wind Farm,China-Sunec Wind Farm,Upgradation of ML-1, Thar Coal Block I & Mine Mouth Power Plant,Gwadar-Nawabshah LNG Terminal & Pipeline,Karachi-Lahore Motorway (Sukkur-Multan), Joint Feasibility Study for Upgradation of ML1.


There are only 12 projects under CPEC relate to Punjab: Optical Fiber Cable from Rawalpindi to Khunjrab, Haier & Ruba Economic Zone II, Karachi-Lahore Motorway (Sukkur-Multan), Joint Feasibility Study for Upgradation of ML1, Upgradation of ML-1, Sahiwal Coal-Fired Power Plant, Rahimyar Khan Coal Power Plant, Karot Hydro-Power Plant, Lahore Orange Line Metro Train, Matiari-Lahore Transmission Line, Matiari-Faisalabad Transmission Line Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Bahawalpur.

China is a good friend of Pakistan and we Pakistani always considered China as a life savior and the Cino-Pak friendship is everlasting. But at the same time China is considered as the bad friend of Pakistan among traders community. Local manufacturers failed to compete with low quality Chinese goods due to energy crisis. Pakistan suffered hard on industrialization. Cost of doing business went higher that resulted in higher volume in imports. This disturbed the trade balance and GDP growth targets missed for the year 2016. The only solution, what I see, re-industrialization in Pakistan through joint ventures with Chinese companies. CPEC should not be translated in terms of a trade route; we need Industrial Zones along with this route. Equal opportunities and equal incentives must be given to local investors as well. Again, Pakistan has a lot to do to meet the global dynamics of economy under CPEC. Pakistan Government should set the deadlines and meet the timelines for energy projects so that we can witness the revival of industrialization in Pakistan.



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